Standing Up

How far would you go for a laugh?

"Standing Up" is a feature-length documentary following three radically different, aspiring New York comedians. David Finklestein, an ultra-Orthodox Jew, is caught between two irreconcilable worlds and must perform in secret. Sara Parks, a young transplant from Texas, endures degrading work and even homelessness pursuing her dream. Raafat Toss, a deeply unsatisfied personal injury lawyer and father-to-be, searches for creative fulfillment and struggles to translate his hilarious personality to the stage.

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A Jew Walks Into a Bar

A Jew Walks Into a Bar is a 24-minute version of Standing Up focusing only on David Finklestein’s story.

Synopsis: Ultra-Orthodox Jew David Finklestein struggles to balance his love of stand-up comedy with his strict religious lifestyle, until he's forced to make a choice between his passion and his community.


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